Google Opens its First Store

Google has existed predominately in the digital world, until now. Google opens the first brick-and-mortar store location in a venture to gain more android users.

Google has officially acquired the first brick-and-mortar location for a new store concept. Google is known for being the top search engine and is exploring new ventures to gain more android users.

The first Google phone was unveiled in 2008; the T-Mobile G1, before the smartphone revolution, later developed its smartphones dubbed The Pixel. The first Pixel phone was launched in 2016 and has added upgraded models in various styles involving the size and memory capacity of the smartphone.

The Chromebook is still gaining popularity since its initial launch in 2011 and will also be sold at the first Google physical store. The location of the new physical store is located on the ground floor of the Manhattan headquarters near the Chelsea neighborhood.

The new Google store will follow in the footsteps of other technology retailers, giving the option for customers to try out new products and shop from an array of Google’s gadgets. Shoppers can find everything needed for Google devices, including Fitbit’s wearable fitness products, Pixel smartphones, and Nest home safety devices.

The Google store will also offer trials on subscription services as existing customers can also take their Google devices for repair. Customers can enjoy rooms to experience “real-life scenarios” to demonstrate the power of useful Google products in the new 5,000-square-foot store. The new Google Store is currently open, and visitors can check out the latest Google devices.