Saving Secrets For Starbucks 

Taking frequent trips to Starbucks can add up and make a dent in your wallet just for coffee. Fortunately there are a couple of saving secrets to save money on future Starbucks orders.           

Your daily Starbucks run might cost a couple of bucks for each transaction, but frequent visits can add up quickly. One common alternative to save money is by making your own drink at home but there are some savings options if you want to keep visiting Starbucks for specialty drinks.
One easy way to save money at Starbucks is by using the Starbucks app that is easy to use and convenient with the option to place a mobile order that you can simply pick up without having to wait in line. Making mobile orders are more convenient and rewarding as members can receive reward points(or stars) for each purchase that can be used for discounts on future orders.
The Starbucks stars reward programs offer a variety of discounts:
25 Stars – Customize a drink with syrup, espresso shot, dairy substitute, and more.
50 Stars – A free hot tea, brewed hot coffee, or bakery item.
150 Stars – A free handcrafted drink, parfait, or hot breakfast treat.
200 Stars – Free salad, lunch sandwich, or protein box.
400 Stars – Free select merchandise or at-home coffee (up to$19.99 value)
The Starbucks app also offers challenges to earning bonus stars that can be used for discounts on future orders. You can the “Offers” section on the Starbucks app to see the current bonus star promotions and customers can get more reward stars on Double Star days as customers will receive four stars for every $1 spent. Occasionally Starbucks offers certain games for prizes and bonus stars for your rewards account.
Though it is rare, there are promo or discount codes for orders that you can find on promo code websites such as Retail Me Not or Dealspotr. One of the best options to find working promo codes is by setting up a Google Alert that will email you with updates on discount codes. Setting up a Google Alert is easy starting with visiting and entering the terms in the “Create an alert about” section with the following terms: Starbucks promo, Starbucks coupon, discount Starbucks gift card, and Starbucks discount code.
Once you enter the terms, click on the “Show options” drop-down menu to choose which Gmail account the alert is sent to, how often an alert is sent, and more for specific details if you prefer. All you have to do is check your email for the alert to see if Starbucks is offering discounts along with promotions like Happy Hour offering customers a deal of buying one drink and getting another for free.

One of the easiest ways to save at Starbucks is getting discounted gift cards that you can load onto the Starbucks app that keeps track of all payment methods. Occasionally Swag bucks and Raise will offer discounted gift cards that are easily transferred.