The Most Versatile Home Design Accents 

A home is one of the most significant investments in a person’s life trajectory. It makes sense that once you do get your own home, you will want to decorate it to the best of your abilities. However, certain bold décor ideas can affect the house’s resale value. Thus, you don’t certainly want to compromise that.

Then what to do about decorating the house of your dreams? Well, fret not, as countless home design accents can do no wrong. From marble kitchens to minimalist paint jobs, a wide variety of home design accents fit into everybody’s home décor choices. Hence, ensuring your home’s resale value remains intact in case of a new buyer.

We have compiled five of the versatile home design accents that are easy to include in your homes without damaging their resale value. Let’s take a look. 

Contemporary Marble Kitchen 

Old-accent kitchens might be a bold move considering not everyone appreciates the aesthetics if it isn’t practical. Therefore, your versatile bet in designing your kitchen is to keep it sleek and modern. Our recommendation would be to go for a clean-cut marble kitchen with coordinating white cabinets. Gorgeous, practical, and contemporary–all in one. 

Minimal Design Wallpapers 

While wallpaper is temporary and can easily be replaced, you still don’t want bold designs that distort the home’s outlook. For instance, dark colors in a small room would make it look even smaller. At the same time, pastels in a big hall would make it look even more spacious. Hence, go for minimal design wallpaper as per the size and context of the room.  

A Unique Yet Appreciative Color Of Bathroom Tiles 

Understandably, unique bathroom tiles are trendy these days. But as we mentioned earlier, a rare color choice may not speak to all types of people. Therefore, you can do some online searching, find innovative colors, and design ideas for bathrooms. Choose a color that is unique to the majority yet appreciative. For instance, blue tiles and mosaics are ultra-chic. 

Keeping The Original Flooring

By keeping the original flooring, you ensure that the house remains intact to its basis. Then what about personalization and choosing a home design accent that speaks to you? For that, you can always go for carpets, rugs, and runners to aid the much-needed aesthetic. You can choose traditional or modern carpet designs and mix and match as per your liking. 

Fewer Holes In The Wall

Lastly, we all like picture frames and different decorative fixtures. However, the only drawback they seem to have is that too many nails and hammers create holes in the walls. Therefore, instead of permanent fixtures, go for temporary ones and use sticker frames to keep fewer holes in the wall. This way, your walls would remain intact as they were original. 

Wrap Up

All in all, the idea is to have personalization and your very own home design aesthetic, however, without permanently inflicting anything that jeopardizes the resale value of your home. We hope our ideas for versatile home design accents work for you.