The Tesla Cybertruck Features Upgrade for Camping

Tesla has the reptation of having a full range of EV models including the newest addition being the Cybertruck. Tesla has experienced success with their model collection featuring the Tesla Model 3, Model 5, Model X, and Model Y with the same hope for the Cybertruck.

The current model range by Tesla is limited in size leading to the invention of the biggest EV made by Tesla. The Cybertruck garnered a lot of popularity, but the new camping attachments made the Cybertruck unique compared to the rest.

The Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019 and Tesla has continued working on new developments for the Cybertruck including a camping attachment. Tesla has worked closely with the CEO of Stream It, Lance King, disclosed an artificial intelligence and software company to transform the Cybertruck into a tiny pop-up home on wheels.

CEO King claims that he was the first to think of the idea when he was preordering a Cybertruck and he realized no existing camper or RV could be compatible with the unique auto style. King decided he would corner the market by developing the first camping attachment for the Cybertruck working with his company utilizing software developers and AI technology.

Stream It is in the process of manufacturing pickup truck campers or “Cyberlandrs.” The initial Cybertruck was expected to release by this year but have pushed the release date back to 2022.

Tesla was hesitant on how many customers would be interested in the RV Cybertruck anticipating 100-200 interested customers within the first month, but they surpassed their goal with nearly 1,000 customers. According to CEO King, the Cyberlandr team has already hit over $80 million in preorders while getting daily orders.

The Cyberlandr is estimated to cost $50,000 for a camper featuring a retractable staircase leading up to the interior living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The modern pop-up camper also features a modern mini kitchen including a voice-controlled smart faucet, a refrigerator, porcelain countertop, a hidden cooktop with cutting board and drying rack next to the sink.

The modular living room allows you to customize your living space with removable seats, a 32-inch smart TV, and voice of phone activated lights and temperature control. The living room transforms the bedroom making the seats into a mattress with enough room for a queen-sized bed. This pop-up home features a modern bathroom with sleek fixtures including a shower, sink, toilet, and smart glass that can dimmed for privacy.

Tesla has massive plans for the Cybertruck with more surprises to come once the EV SUV hits the streets. Would you shell out the cash for this futuristic RV? Share your comments and favorites below.