Video Conference Etiquette Tips to Know 

From kids and pets getting in the way to other assorted faux pas caught on camera, there is no shortage of embarrassing videos online that have captured conferencing gaffs for posterity. That’s how remote workers became acquainted with the importance of conferencing etiquette tips. 

With many conferencing blunders making the rounds on the internet, savvy remote workers know better than to let their guard down while conferencing online. Pay heed to these conferencing etiquette tips so that you don’t become the next viral sensation for conferencing bloopers and goof-ups.  


First things first. You should be on time with your video conference as with all meetings. Showing up late for the show can leave a bad impression. 

Take Care of Technicalities 

Be ready for the online meeting at least 10 minutes before it’s due. Take this time to check the mic, camera and other features that matter. Adjust the lighting and close all other nonessential computer programs. The upshot of this caution is that you likely won’t fumble with malfunctioning gear while your superiors look on awkwardly in deafening silence. 

Dress Code

Please don’t be the next professional caught on camera in your pajamas. Resist the temptation to take it a little too easy. Please don’t get too comfortable. It’s safe to say that nearly everyone caught in their pajamas were thinking the same thing–that no one will notice it and that they could get away with it.

So if you have donned a formal business shirt, make sure that you have formal pants on and formal shoes won’t hurt either. Please don’t wear flip-flops under your formal attire–take care of your footwear, for you never know….One benefit of dressing ‘clean’ is that you can comport yourself with panache rather than looking obviously guilty and incessantly worrying that you will be caught at any moment 

Warn Everyone Else 

A few minutes before showtime, gently urge everyone in the house to calm down. Inform them of your impending meeting and politely urge them to be on their best behavior–much like when you have guests in the house. An online meeting is the same thing. Locking your room door with kids in the house may not be good. Sure, it can keep out the noise from the little rascals. 

Then, don’t complain that the kids set your kitchen on fire while you were happily locked inside your room, blissfully oblivious of fiery proceedings in your home. Tell some grown-ups to look after the kids to avoid trouble while you are busy with the meeting.   

Please Don’t Multitask 

Meetings have a reputation for being time-consuming. But that’s not a license to multitask. Those emails and pending tasks can wait. You will end up looking distracted and uninterested in the meeting while multitasking. That won’t make you look professional.  

When someone suddenly poses a question to you, that flabbergasted look on your face will make it quite clear that you were physically present but mentally elsewhere. Unprofessional, to say the least.