What American Stores Have The Best Rewards Programs? 

You may have often heard cashiers at stores ask if you would like to join their rewards program. Most people often respond with a quick “No thanks”, however, you should think about these programs the next time you shop at your favorite store. To make life easier, we have come up with some of the best rewards programs offered by American stores.  


Macy’s Star Rewards 

Macy’s Star Rewards is open to all their paying customers and you can join for free. However, there are four tiers to this program and all but the first tier require you to be a Macy’s Star Rewards cardholder. While the higher tiers have better offerings, even the free tier offers some excellent rewards. These include a free surprise on your birthday, ten dollars in Star money for every 1,000 points earned, coupons, one percent in reward points for every purchase, and more.  

Kohls’ Rewards 

If you are a frequent Kohl’s shopper, their free rewards program is a must and the best way to save on your shopping. You get 5 percent back on qualifying purchases, personalized perks, birthday surprises, and a five-dollar Kohl’s Cash reward for every hundred dollars spent.  

Petco Pals Rewards 

Another free rewards program fit for pet owners is the Petco Pals Rewards. You get various perks throughout the year and a reward point for every dollar spent at Petco. You also get five dollars for every hundred points earned. Lastly, you get member bonuses and special pricing for being a member.  

GameStop Powerup Rewards 

This is the best rewards program for gamers. It has two tiers with the first being completely free. You get 10 reward points for every dollar spent and points for online profile completion, trade-ins, surveys, and more. There is a birthday gift for members and you can even trade your points for things like the paid-tier membership, coupons, reward certificates, or even donations to charities.  

JCPenney Rewards 

JCPenney is a popular fashion retailer that offers a free rewards program that gets you 30 percent off on your first purchase, points for dollars spent on qualifying purchases, ten dollars off for every 200 points earned, special birthday gift, and many more offers throughout the year. If you find yourself frequently shopping at JCPenney, this free program is the best option for you to save big.  


The mentioned best rewards programs are great for any American shopper and there are plenty more which we can discuss another time. For now, if you are a shopper at any of the mentioned stores, we highly recommend opting for their rewards programs as they are all free and highly beneficial.Some of these programs have higher tiers which you can often unlock with a membership fee or by spending enough to qualify for membership. We also recommend exploring and considering the higher tiers, especially if you plan to shop multiple times a year at the mentioned American stores.