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The Top 3 Budgeting and Planning Apps 

American’s feel confident with a budget. They feel like they control their expenditures, plus it allows them to cut back on unnecessary spending and track their money. There are several benefits of budgeting and planning financials which is why many budgeting apps have been made available for download. These apps link with your bank account and automatically track your spending. In addition, some apps have milestone achievements for your motivation and boost your savings spirit. But with an overwhelming number of budgeting/planning apps, it becomes frustrating to find the right one. Therefore, we have shared our top 3 budgeting and planning apps to help you secure your finances and help you save for retirement. 

Best Overall - YNAB

You Need A Budget (YNAB) is our first choice because of its remarkable flexibility and nifty budgeting options. This app is an all-rounder that tracks your expense, motivates you towards savings, and creates realistic saving goals. In addition, YNAB can easily link with your bank account and monitor all your spending displaying them in a graphical form on the app’s interface. Plus, its subscription fee is nothing compared to its features. Therefore, YNAB is our favorite app for budgeting and planning. 

Best Budgeting App For Couples - HoneyDue

We choose Honeydue as the best budgeting app for couples because of its features. The app is geared towards collective savings, and you can even communicate through the app about your finances. The app has a limiter that can alert the other partner if one goes over the spending limit. Honeydue can conveniently link with your bank account and manage your finances. Moreover, this app also sends notifications and alerts regarding upcoming bills and due payments. You can do a lot with this app, including reaching your savings goal with your loved one. 

Best Budgeting App For College Students - PocketGuard

Pocketguard is one of the best budgeting and planning applications for college students. Primarily because this app has excellent freemium features. In addition, Pocketguard allows busy students to see how much they have left to spend at a glance, keeping them updated with their finances. This app can also be linked with a bank account and monitor financial activity. Pocketguard’s intuitive pie charts and simple user interface are ideal for college students. Moreover, the apps saving feature keep college students motivated. 


The Bottom line


Budgeting and planning apps are necessary to save money in these digital ties. Now that most of our shopping is done online, we need an online tracking tool to help us manage our finances. Budgeting and financing apps are excellent for this purpose as they can integrate with your bank account and automatically note your spendings. When you cross your monthly, weekly, or daily limit, the app will notify you about your overspending. 


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