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Video Conference Etiquette Tips to Know 

Here are some conferencing etiquette tips so that you won't be the next laughing stock on YouTube and social media. 

What To Do After Suffering A Career Setback

Are you suffering from a major career setback? Here is some advice to help you on your journey towards recovery. 

The Importance Of Caretakers Practicing Self-Care

When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others much better. Here is why self-care is important for caretakers. 

Optimize Your Annual Finances in Q4 With Monthly Money Tasks

End your year of successfully managing your annual finances with these monthly money tasks from October to December for a prosperous fourth fiscal quarter. 

These Monthly Goals For Q3 Can Help You Manage Annual Finances

Managing your annual finances should be taken one month at a time with specific financial tasks that will set you up for success during the third fiscal quarter.

Managing Your Annual Finances With Monthly Tasks For Q2

We continue the discussion of monthly tasks that will help you manage your annual finances during the second fiscal quarter from April to June focusing on taxes and being more financially literate. 

Manage Your Annual Finances With Simple Monthly Steps For Q1 

The first fiscal quarter of the year marks the beginning of a fresh start when it comes to finances with certain annual priorities that should be handled during January, February, and March. 

Stop Wasting Money On Beauty Products With These Alternatives  

Everyone uses some form of beauty product whether it's something simple like body wash or complex like makeup that can be costly if you're not savvy with saving money. 

Lifestyle Financial Habits To Achieve Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom might seem like a lot of work having to change spending and saving habits but one of the best options is following simple lifestyle habits. 

Is Having An Emergency Fund Worth It?   

Paying bills can become a nuisance, causing you to ask your friends and family for a loan. However, you can avoid this situation with an emergency fund. Experts suggest that Americans should have at least 3 to 6months of living expenses saved in their bank as an emergency fund.  

Five Myths About Personal Finance That Will Surprise You  

Managing your finances can help you become independent financially, but these common myths have become a barrier. Most people believe in these myths to not accept that their financial management skills are lacking. 

While colleges make you think you need to pay them money to get a good job, it's actually not true. The world has transitioned from industrialization to the digital age; degrees and diplomas don't hold as much value as they once did.  

The Top 3 Tips To Reduce Healthcare Costs  

Imagine the improved infrastructure we could create and the lower rate of homelessness. We could make smarter investments into education and social services. 

3 Tips To Negotiate Your Starting Salary  

Money is essential in life, and there is no shame in asking for the amount you deserve for the work you do. In this blog post, we will share 3 tips to negotiate your starting salary and why it is crucial.    

Global Citizen Live 24-Hour Benefit Concert 

Continuing the efforts of the Global Citizen COVID-19 benefit concert there will be a 24-hour live stream Global Citizen Live benefit concert to help recovering communities worldwide.