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The 3 Best Online Jobs That Require No Degree

While colleges make you think you need to pay them money to get a good job, it's actually not true. The world has transitioned from industrialization to the digital age; degrees and diplomas don't hold as much value as they once did. The digital age strives upon creativity and adaptability. These are just some of the things you can't learn at a college or a University.

Moreover, technological advancement has breached global boundaries, and now entrepreneurs are actively seeking people with skills. If you think your online classes will get you a position at Google, think again. The time you spend studying online in COVID 19 can help you earn money online and develop professional skills. These are what matter in the 21st century, and we are here to help you find the 3 best online jobs that require no degree. 

Be A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is a job that doesn’t require a college degree, and it's a great starter field to explore what you enjoy the most. As a virtual assistant, you will talk to various people or a single client and assist the min their day-to-day tasks while sitting at home. This will give you tremendous exposure to work ethics and fields you can enjoy.

Being a virtual assistant requires confidence and good speaking skills. The rest of the things will be explained to you by your client. Consider this as an opportunity to earn and learn. When you have spent enough time and gained valuable experience, mention this in your resume and start jobhunting. 

Project Manager

One of the most esteemed fields that require managerial skills. Don't be overwhelmed by the word "Managerial Skills". All you have to do is align the right person in your organization with the client's requirements. You will be the bridge between the client and the company. Your prospect will give you information about the work, and if they don't, you can openly ask them. Once you know what the client wants, you can reach out to the relevant department and monitor the employees you choose for the task. It requires basic people skills and pays well. So it's a perfect job with no college degree requirements. 

Digital Marketing

The best field to start honing your skills for is digital marketing. After the debut of COVID 19, many companies have shifted to the digital landscape, and you can cash in on this opportunity. For digital marketing, you can learn from Google Garage and Facebook Blue Prints. While Google’s services are free, Facebook Blue Prints is paid –but a lot cheaper than a college degree. 


Ending Note

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