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4 Websites To Score Premium Freebies

While there are several websites to score freebies, scrolling through every page can be a tedious task. Think about it this way – is something truly free if you have to spend hours looking for it?
To ensure you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect item, this article helps you find free stuff in an easy way. Since these websites offer several everyday objects you can use, and there’s a wide variety, you might not have to look elsewhere.
With the help of this article, you’ll have a great starting point every time you’re thinking of going on a scavenger hunt. Whether it’s software, full-sized goods, electronics, coupons, or even furniture, this list will help you save a lot of money! 

1. Craigslist

We don’t think it’s possible to write an article on the “websites to score freebies” and not mention Craigslist. According to the people who have been scoring freebies for a longtime, there aren’t many options better than this website.
Craigslist has a separate section for “Free Stuff.” Over here, you can find several objects you can get for free, which have been offered by people worldwide. The only con is that it’ll only be truly free if you live close to the seller.
And there’s no need to look for a catch! The reason people give away stuff on Craigslist is that they want the item off their hands. Some of the things you can find for free are:
Office supplies, Electronics,  Firewood, Clothes, and Construction materials.

2. Freebies

On Freebies, you can find several offers from all kinds of brands, and all of these are free! Additionally, you can also enter contests to win a prize, get coupons, or get free samples. A third-party website will provide you with the necessary information for these contests.
Apart from the free stuff you can get, some giveaways can be offered to you if you’re a Freebie member.   


3. Freecycle

The Freecycle Network is a nonprofit organization created to keep useful objects out of landfills. Since its creation, the network has spread to 110 countries, and millions of members support its cause. Just like the motto, the website has helped several people get their hands on useful stuff. 


4. The Free Site

This website is also one of the biggest websites to score freebies. All of the offers you can find here are carefully inspected to ensure they are free and there aren’t any hidden charges. Most of the stuff you can find here for free is software and digital goods. Some other items that can be shipped to your door include:
Food, Books, Stickers, Coupons, and Magazines.
For most of the websites we listed, you’ll have to visit the seller and pick up the item yourself. But once you’ve done that, you’ve got what you wanted for free.
Good luck!


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