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5 Tips To Start Couponing

A single Google search can unveil several images and links that claim they’re offering free stuff. This sight can be overwhelming for couponers who have just started to enter the industry. Even though it might seem too good to be true, it is indeed possible to save up to 50% of your grocery bill with coupons.
Even though most of us look at the receipt dreadfully after we’re done with some retail therapy, some of us walk out with a skip in our step and significantly more money. The only shoppers happy during the monthly grocery shopping spree are the ones loaded with the relevant coupons.
Looking to get started? You’ve clicked on the right link.

Here 5 five tips to start couponing. 

1. You Cant Get Every  Deal From Every Store

When you’re starting out, your gut instinct might make you do this. Pick one or two stores at the start, and as you start to get more experienced, the number of stores you can go to will increase. Making mistakes at the start is okay, but making too many of them can be embarrassing. Overwhelming yourself by going to every store can increase the chances of you making blunders, and let’s not forget the gallons of gas you’re going to waste! 

2. Memorize The Store's Coupon Policy

Memorizing can be advantageous, but if you can’t, just keep a copy of it on your phone. On various occasions, cashiers won’t know their own store’s coupon policy, so they might have to get the manager to facilitate you. If you are claiming the appropriate discount, they’re always going to be nice to you and give you what you deserve.

But this will only happen if you know what you’re talking about! 

3. Cashiers Can Be Wrong - Always Be Nice!

If you’re thinking of showing the cashier your harsh side, put yourself in their shoes. You have to deal with hundreds of customers, and they’re still being asked to remember several sentences of a policy that constantly keeps changing. And let’s not forget that you can be wrong too! Before you create a huge scene (which is never okay), ensure your tone is appropriate. 


4. Stay Organized!

Whether you clip your coupons onto a file or place them in plastic folders, always ensure you can find a coupon quickly when you need it. The coupon game can be pointless if you’ve acquired a coupon but can’t find it when you need it. Losing one is like flushing your money down the drain. Even if you have expired coupons, mail them to families of troops (they can still use them). 

5.  You Won't  Get Everything For Free

Even though coupons can help you get valuable discounts easily, it’s also important to remember that you should not expect too much. Saving 50% with these tips to start couponing can be realistic and completely possible. This is an incredible achievement that you should be proud of! Be wise while you’re shopping – don’t go paranoid! 

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