We all have to start somewhere. Here are some tips to consider if you are not in the best financial situation, but want to put in the work to change this.  

Financial hardship can be painful, but there is also a part of it that can bring out the best of the human spirit if this pain is channeled directly. If you are going through this, you likely will not want to feel like this again and will want to stop feeling like this in the future. This feeling can lead to an intense level of drive and ant to help swing things in the right direction, here are some things to consider as you begin your financial journey.
Know Where You Currently Stand
It is difficult to give a universal financial plan for all people because each person may be in a different place, to begin with, and have different obligations, as well as goals that they want out of life. Before you make any drastic financial moves, make sure to consider these things. This will help you build a financial blueprint moving forward that is customized specifically to you.
Know Where You Want to Go
One part that often gets lost for people trying to get their feet off the ground financially is the part where you set your figurative destination. This is important because, without this destination in mind, it is far easier to become sidetracked once complacency sets in at a later point. Knowing where you currently stand and want to go will make it far easier for you to form your plan in terms of careers and investments that can take you where you want to eventually go.
Focus on Creating Forward Momentum
You may not notice an immediate change in lifestyle overnight as you begin your financial journey. The key instead is to focus on creating a plan that you know is working for yourself and is increasing your net worth on a month-to-month basis in the beginning, rather than staying stuck in neutral or in reverse. Once you get this momentum rolling, you will build more confidence in yourself, and even be motivated enough to look for ventures that can expedite your process of making money.