The Most Versatile Home Design Accents

Don’t feel like compromising your home’s resale value with personalization? These are the most versatile home design accents to try. 

Jessica Simpson's Journey On Regaining Her Billion-Dollar Brand

The Jessica Simpson Collection brand was founded in 2005 that started with success and ultimately resulted in the celebrity enduring a two-year battle to reclaim her namesake brand. 

The High-Fashion Collaboration Of Balmain And Barbie 

Barbie might just be a doll, but she is a timeless fashion icon dating back over 60 years. The iconic fashion doll is truly larger-than-life with a collaboration with Balmain and Barbie. 

Chanel Unveils New Global CEO

Affordably cover your home for repairs, accidental damage, and preventative maintenance. How? Learn more here.   

The Benefits And Tips On Quitting Fast Fashion 

One massive step towards living an eco-friendly lifestyle starts with your clothes that can create negative environmental impact especially with fast fashion.   

From Football Star To Fashion Icon Inside Tom Brady’s First Collection 

Football star turns into fashion brand founder as Tom Brady prepared to debut the first collection from his namesake brand BRADY featuring elevated athleisure wear.  

New York To Pass Historic Legislation With Fashion Sustainability Act 

The fashion industry might seem glamorous but the impact with climate change is anything but glamourous. The state of New York aims to pass legislation with the Fashion Act. 

Prada Plans To Donate Materials From Runway Shows 

The luxury fashion brand Prada is promoting sustainability with a new initiative that will donate old materials from runway shows to be reused by circular businesses and academic institutes. 

What Diamonds Make The Cut At Tiffany & Co. 

Tiffany & Co. is world renowned for crafting beautiful jewelry only using the best of the best when it comes to diamonds with a standard that only accepts .04% of the world's diamonds.