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The Top 3 Sites For Free Entertainment

Want to relax? Visit these sites to get the best movies, books, music and much more for FREE
There isn’t a better time to pick up your favorite movie or book or listen to your favorite songs and relax. Fortunately, there's plenty of free entertainment that makes this proposition easier.
Nearly every day we hear of some new offerings. There is an enormous amount of material available on the internet, but finding the best sites for your favorite games, movies, comics, virtual tours, live theater, guitar lessons may be a hassle. 

1. Libby - Get eBooks and Audio books - Free for Library Cardholders

eBooks have become a norm. Especially for people who love to read books and are always in search for new and interesting books to add to their bucket. Our local libraries are loaded with books. Fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, books on engineering, medicine etc. But finding the best eBooks may become difficult. Well, not anymore.
Do you know your local library has thousands of eBooks on hand? Libraries are now moving to the trend of eBooks. People nowadays are usually more comfortable reading books on their phones or tablets rather than visiting the library or buying books from shops.
In today’s fastmoving world where technology has advanced so much, and everything is just a click away, why not make use of eBooks? You can easily and instantly borrow your  favorite books for free on your phone or tablet! Keep in mind that although it's digital, you may still have to put popular titles on hold. 
To get started, have your Library card number handy and download the App Libby, by Overdrive. If you do not have a library card, don’t worry. You can check in with your local library card online. There are many libraries that can get signed up online instantly.
There is no registration fee and books are available in ePub, Kindle, HTML, and simple text formats. They have millions of books on a wide variety of topics such as art, recipes, biographies, religion, medicine, and much more. The best part is that everything is free to download and easily accessible. 

2. IMDb TV - Movies and Shows Always Free

To access free seasons, from 5 seasons of Schitt's Creek to Money Heist, you'll find dozens of favorite titles as IMDb are providing a 100% free streaming platform. The content is not ad-free, but no pain no gain. It's a small price to pay considering IMDb's awesome offer. 

3. HBO Go and HBO Now - 500 Hours of FREE Movies and Shows

You can stream some of HBO's most talked-about series including Succession, Silicon Valley, and Barry and much more. Several movie titles are also available. Download the HBO Now or HBO GO apps or visit HBONow.com or HBOGo.com and get streaming. 


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